All websites or webapps today have images. We have a preset in Crafty to handle compressing images and SVG’s optimally for your web needs.


cd src/main/frontend
npm install @swissquote/crafty @swissquote/crafty-preset-images @swissquote/crafty-runner-gulp --save

In your crafty.config.js file, you must add the following presets

module.exports = {
  presets: [


Bitmaps (jpg, png, jpg)

You can drop your images in any sub-folder of src/main/frontend/images and it will copy it over to the destination folder after applying the best possible compression algorithms to the images


There is also an automatic process for SVG that will apply the best possible compression to your svg source file (remove comments and useless spaces)

Known issues

  • Downloading jpg/png/gif compression tools is done from GitHub directly and fails on machines that don’t have internet access or a corporate proxy. You can use crafty-preset-images-simple instead to work around this issue. Read More