Crafty comes with some commands by default and presets can add new commands.

Here are the default commands:


Will list the available commands and tasks.

crafty run [task [task...]]

This is the main entry point to execute one or more tasks in Crafty.

Running crafty run without a task will execute the default task.

You can specify one or more tasks to run, separated by space.

crafty watch

Running the watch mode will execute all tasks once at the start. After that, it will watch for file system changes and re-execute related tasks once a change occurs.

All presets can add watchers for any file pattern or use their embedded watcher (like Webpack).

crafty test

Presets can register test runners, when running crafty test all these test runners are invoked.

We have one test runner which is provided as a preset; Jest.

Commands added by presets

crafty cssLint [file|dir|glob]*

Bundled Stylelint with embedded presets, read more here

crafty jsLint [file|dir|glob]*

Bundled ESLint with embedded presets, read more here