Crafty is composed of small packages and can be used separately.

Here is an overview of their features.


Command runner, this is the package that allows all other packages to run.

crafty --preset crafty-preset-babel jsLint presets/* --preset recommended --preset node

Also automatically reads your crafty.config.js (in the current working directory) and loads those presets as well.



Use this runner to bundle your code with Webpack.

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Use this runner to be able to create Gulp tasks in your projects.

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This preset provides EcmaScript 2015+ support with Babel for the Gulp, Webpack and rollup.js runners.

It also configures ESLint with our linting rules. Both in the runners and as a separate command.

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Compile your CSS using PostCSS, works with Webpack and Gulp.

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This preset provides TypeScript support for the Gulp, Webpack and rollup.js runners.

It also configures ESLint with our linting rules

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This preset leverages Gulp to compress your SVG/PNG/JPG/GIF files and placing them in the destination folder.

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In some cases, you might not have an internet connection on your build machine. As the tools to compress PNG/JPG/GIF need to be downloaded from GitHub, this preset will copy the files instead of copying them.

SVG is also compressed with this preset.

It works as a drop-in replacement for crafty-preset-images.

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If your code is inside a Maven project, this preset overrides the destination to move your compiled assets to the right directory in target

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A preset that provides utilities for Jest and Hot Module Replacement in React projects.

JSX Compilation is handled by the crafty-preset-babel already.

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Test runners


This preset will add Jest to the crafty test command.

Its usage with the Babel and TypeScript preset allows you to test your EcmaScript 2015+ and TypeScript code effortlessly.

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Utility packages


A Babel preset that supports EcmaScript 2015+, React and more

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An ESLint plugin that contains all our recommended options and plugins.

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All PostCSS plugins used in the Crafty styles preset are defined in this package.

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Stylelint linting rules following the Swissquote CSS Guideline. Provides some custom Stylelint rules.

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