Swissquote Stylelint configuration


  • Lint style sheets following the Swissquote CSS Guideline (on form and function).
  • Uses standard Stylelint rules and includes 4 custom rules.
  • Provides a simpler standard for legacy code.


  • recommended: Contains all BEM specific rules.
  • legacy: Contains rules specific to legacy code.
  • common: Enforces the styleguide of the CSS. (included in both recommended and legacy)


  • no-hack-reassignment: Hacks (._*) must be applied directly on the concerned element.
  • no-state-without-component: States (.is-*|.has-*) must appear next to a component.
  • no-type-outside-scope: Types (a, div ...) must appear inside a scope (.s-*).
  • no-utility-reassignment: Utilities (.u-*) must be applied directly on the concerned element.
  • no-negative-var: Using var() doesn't work as you would expect it to return a negative value, but it just parses the function as -var() and never executes it.

Usage within Crafty

Crafty includes those rules and presets by default, you don't need to do any specific action to use them.

Usage outside Crafty

Outside Crafty, you have to use it as you would for any Stylelint plugin or preset.

  1. You install it:

    npm install @swissquote/stylelint-config-swissquote --save
  2. You import the plugin and extend from it:

      "plugins": ["@swissquote/stylelint-config-swissquote"],
      "extends": ["@swissquote/stylelint-config-swissquote/recommended"],
      "rules": {
        // your custom rules here