PostCSS Swissquote Preset


  • Organization
    • Nested Styles (postcss-nesting, postcss-nested, postcss-atroot)
    • Import CSS Files (postcss-import, postcss-url)
    • Comments (postcss-scss)
  • Variables
    • Variables and Mixins (postcss-advanced-variables, postcss-custom-properties)
    • Property Lookup (postcss-property-lookup)
  • Images
    • Images in CSS (postcss-assets)
  • Dynamic Styles
    • Math in your CSS (postcss-calc)
    • Conditionals (postcss-advanced-variables)
    • Loops (postcss-advanced-variables)
    • Initial Values (postcss-initial)
    • Colors (postcss-color-function, postcss-color-gray, postcss-color-hex-alpha, postcss-color-hwb, postcss-color-rebeccapurple, postcss-color-rgba-fallback)
  • Syntax simplification
    • Selectors (postcss-selector-matches, postcss-selector-not, postcss-pseudo-class-any-link, postcss-custom-selectors)
    • Media Queries (postcss-custom-media, postcss-media-minmax)
  • Fallbacks
    • Vendor Prefixes (autoprefixer)
    • Browser support (postcss-pseudoelements, postcss-replace-overflow-wrap, postcss-filter-gradient, postcss-font-variant)

See details in CSS Features.


Usage within Crafty

This preset is included in the styles preset, you don't need to include anything specific

Usage outside Crafty

npm install @swissquote/postcss-swissquote-preset --save


    config: {
      browsers: "ie 9, last 3 versions", // A Browserslist compatible browsers list
      environment: "production" // (optional) The current environment to compile to, will also use the `NODE_ENV` variable, or will fallback to "production"