Swissquote ESLint preset


  • Provide a style guide for your JavaScript
  • Warns on common mistakes in JavaScript
  • Works with EcmaScript 2015+ using the babel-eslint parser


This plugin comes with four presets

  • format Base formatting rules, should work on any code (included in legacy and recommended)
  • node Adds environment information for Node.js
  • legacy For all your EcmaScript 5 code
  • recommended For all your EcmaScript 2015+ code, also contains rules for React

Included plugins

the recommended preset includes three plugins:

  • eslint-plugin-import provides some rules to clean imports.
  • eslint-plugin-react ensures you follow some best practices with React.
  • eslint-plugin-sonarjs provides some advanced rules made by the guys at SonarQube.

To make it easy to install this plugin, those rules are added to ESLint automatically, but prefixed with swissquote/. This is due to a limitation with ESLint that doesn't allow us to add plugins to ESLint through an API.


Include them with in your projects like this:

  "plugins": ["@swissquote/swissquote"],
  "extends": ["plugin:@swissquote/swissquote/recommended"]