Since Crafty 1.7.0, We use ESLint to lint TypeScript.

This means that the tooling we used for JavaScript is now the same for TypeScript, which means that the documentation for JavaScript Linting applies for TypeScript as well.


TypeScript, with its type system can apply more advanced checks to the code. But ESLint doesn't understand types in its default rule set, that's why we include the @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin plugin to add more advanced rules.

The format and recommended presets we have in our own ESLint plugin already include rules for TypeScript out of the box.

Customize the rules

ESLint contains a lot of rules.

We created a default set of rules following the Swissquote JavaScript Guideline, but if your project wants stricter rules, you can enable them like that :

module.exports = {
  eslint: {
    overrides: {
      files: ["**/*.ts", "**/*.tsx"],
      rules: {
        "arrow-parens": ["error", "always"]